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Looking for Dogging DVD? just watch these girls get. Attention !!! Take a peep!!! She's watching you watching her!!!. Spying eyes.

For The pussystalker series we drive out to various Dogging Spots in the UK, to visit the people, mostly couples, and secretly film their "activities" whenever possible. Some agree to be recorded by us some don't. Nevertheless, every tape recording is REAL, every act is spontaneous.

Pussystalker is really a must see dvd! If you like the extraordinary and a bit of voyeurism, this probably exceeds your expectations. With the raw visuals and hardcore acts, Pussystalker should not be left on the shelving. So try this piece of art and be dazzled by its unique charactre.

Remmington Steele is the director, though, all footage is quite simple and shot with the very mysterious "nightvision". He knows what he's doing. And he does it extremely well! So Grab a drink and be seated because you've got somehting coming

It's vouyerism in Vouyervision!!! It's a secret fantasy world and it's for your eye's only!!! Shh!!!

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