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Interactive Adult DVDLooking for Interactive DVD then we can direct you towards some of the best valued Adult DVDs online with a vast selection of films, we aim help you find the adult film you are looking for and allowing you to buy them online it's quick, easy & secure!

Featuring Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick is the only true interactive sex title for your DVD player or DVD-ROM Drive. Now as never before, experience all the lust and desire of having sex with one of the most beautiful women in the world who happens to be a Penthouse Pet, Tera Patrick.

Interact with her using your DVD Remote! You choose the sexual positions! You choose her moods between innocent and nasty! You ask her to strip naked for you! You ask her to tell you her wildest sex stories!

Enter Tera's world where FantaVR allows you to control this gorgeous sexual animal and enjoy her countless times. The Virtual Sex Series has redefined interactive sex. Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick is the most advanced cyber sex simulator on DVD! You will not be disappointed with this Digital Playground adult DVD, truly a master piece in adult entertainment

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