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"The Boozer´s luck": Reinhard does not believe what he sees. In the middle of the woods, there is a beautiful girl walking around and is very interested in his cock. First he thinks that the booze makes him insane but then he fucks like a hero! "Pussy & Booze":

The ugliest men get the best girls. Hubsi has realised this and caught the most beautiful bird with the greatest ass in town. It does no matter how drunk he is, he can do it whenever and his slut wants it all the time. "Girls - living together!" Michelle wants to iron her washing but Isabel prefers her wet pussy to be ploughed.

The double dildo is already prepared in the bath. And today, even whole hands are allowed in the pussies. "The Latex-Domina!": Nancy has been tight in a gyno-chair by her dominant misstress. Because she had been a good girl the latex-lady satisfies her to the climax with the wand!

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