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Non-Status, Self Employed - Mortgages

Non Status mortgages fall into 2 main categories:

  1. No proof of income
  2. No credit history

No Proof of Income
They are mainly used for self employed people who may not have been trading long enough to provide the normal requirement of a 3 year trading history for a mortgage lender. Or it could be that their accounts do not fully reflect their ability to meet the mortgage payments on the amount they wish to borrow.

Non-status mortgages can also be used for employed people whose income does not appear to be sufficient when lenders apply their normal income multiples, thereby restricting the amount they want to borrow. These are often referred to as "Self Certification" mortgages.

As long as you can prove your occupation you simply have to declare that you can afford to meet the monthly payment on the amount you wish to borrow.

No Credit History?? - No Problem
If you have no outstanding credit commitments such as loans, credit or store cards, etc you will not have had the opportunity to prove to lenders whether or not you will be a good risk for them to lend you money, as you have no track record for them to look at.

This can sometimes cause a problem, however as specialists in this market we will be able to provide you with the mortgage that you need.

Whatever your circumstances, Circle Loans will find the mortgage product for you!

Non Status Mortgages Online

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